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3 Tips Every Cruising Traveler Should Know

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By: Pascal

Setting off on your dream cruise vacation? Of course, this is your most-awaited event of the year that you don’t want to spoil with your share of ignorance. In other words, before you set sail, you need to know a thing or two.

The best family cruises can be a wonderful experience. Knowing the guide and necessary tips for sailing will certainly keep you away from trouble. Not only will you be able to get real value for your money, but you’ll be able to enjoy them to the fullest as well.

Cruising Tips For An Enjoyable Experience

1. Go for fresh, healthy meals at local restaurants during ports of call.

It’s but natural that food in cruise ships are kept in freezers. If you’re a health conscious foodie, grabbing a bite of fresh foods in a local restaurant at your port is a healthier option.

Ask the cruise crew about such places and they will tell you where to partake of great meals prepared with fresh local ingredients. Don’t deprive yourself and your family of one of the biggest pleasures of cruising. Eat off the ship!

2. Take note of the drinking water on those luxury cruise ships.

You may be sensitive to the taste and overall quality of the water in cruise liners. To preserve your health, better spend a couple of dollars for bottled drinking water than risk your health.

There are ships with water in the shower that can dry your skin and hair. Experts recommend you to spare extra dollars to buy bottled water to wash your face and hair.

3. Book for shore excursions so you don’t get left behind.

Booking for a shore excursion through your cruise line will assure you of being back on time for sailing. In case something happens along the way, your ship will wait for you and your brood.

Don’t attempt to go to a place that’s over half an hour away from the port, or you face the risk of being left behind. Remember that ships leave on time and will never wait for late passengers except if you have booked for the shore excursions that they are selling.

To give you an idea, navigating by train on your own excursion will eat up a couple of hours. If you’re thinking of renting a car, expect it to be a bit pricey as you still have to shoulder the gas. With unpredictable traffic plus the weather, you might not be able to make it back to the best cruise ship on time.

Avail of day tours being offered to get the chance of taking a break from fast-paced sightseeing. Such are convenient for travelers going solo since they also have the opportunity for socializing while having a relaxed meal.

If you like to have your ‘own tour’ instead of a group tour, the best that you can do is take the tour bus. It’s hassle free since it will just drop you off and then fetch you up at a strategic place near all the local attractions. This allows you plenty of time to shop, visit museums, parks and other wonderful spots.

The Pleasures On Board

Going away on a cruise gives you lots of time to do your favorite things as you please. Here’s the scenario on what cruising people commonly do see inside cruise ships:

  • Leisurely reading a book on the sun deck; others read at ship libraries
  • Eating a sumptuous dinner at a fine restaurant on board with a friendly waiter or two and one server attending to your every need.
  • Lazily sipping a glass of wine on deck and savoring the beauty of sunset, while you’re in good company.
  • Enjoying the music at a jazz concert at one of the lounges; the orchestra musicians jamming with fans and relaxing after the big show.

When you sail, remember to choose the holiday packages that will suit your budget and of course, your needs. Follow the tips and have a happy cruising!

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