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12 reasons why Istanbul should be on your bucket list

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Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city

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Great hospitality, vibrant tradition, startling natural vicinities, humble denizens and a wealth of religious cultural historical knowledge – reasons fall short to describe why Istanbul is the most lovable place on the Earth. Monarchy may have vanished from this place but the royalty still and shall always exist in the mannerisms and etiquette of the locals, in the finesse and grandeur of architecture and in their hospitality. One of the most humble cities of Europe, Classicism defines Istanbul.

This Istanbul travel guide gives 12 reasons why visiting Istanbul should be in everyone’s wish list-

A Host of Attractions

The city has been gifted with a number of attractions, historical landmarks and rare architectures that cannot be seen anywhere else. With grand palaces, classic buildings, holy shrines, huge markets, and enthralling museums this place has a big entertainment package planned to give its visitors a memorable time over the place.

Confluence of the East and West

Hop on a ferry and you can travel from Asia to Europe and vice versa in just 5 minutes! The waters of Bosphorous flow on the borders of Asia and Europe thereby making an international waterway, and also one of the ways for the mingling of the Eastern and Western cultures.

Vibrant Nightlife

With a good number of pubs, lounges and bars Istanbul is one of the best places in Europe to witness the nightlife. Also it is very safe to go out alone, especially for women in Istanbul, even during the nights.

Shopper’s Paradise

For those who love shopping at different places, Istanbul is a treat to them. One of the biggest street markets in the world Grand Bazaar is a perfect place for shopping lover of the world. Also Spice Bazaar, one of the popular Istanbul attractions is known for the spices and dry fruit collection and many shopping centers and districts that sell local items.

Turkish Bath

Amidst colossal, antique and beautiful palaces lies a magical place which has been an integral part of Turkish hospitality since ages- Hammam. Beat down your jet lag or a day trip’s tediousness by take a relaxing bath at a luxurious Turkish Hammam.

Turkish Tea

Unlike the common tea, Turkish tea is a little different. Devoid of milk the tea is prepared in a special kind of pot and is an integral part of Turkish cuisine. Be it a small or a big gathering, or inviting a guest tea is served at all occasions in a specially designed cup and saucer.

Religious Sanctity

As much as the city is modern and open about things, their religious interest is equally deep. Islam and Christianity are the major religions followed over there, along with Judaism. The most famous and revered shrine in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia with years of history and reverence behind. Along with it, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Chora Church are some other places of religious value.

Home Away From Home

With its unique and warm hospitality, Istanbul has won a million hearts since long ago, and still continuing the same. Right from reaching there, one can witness warm welcome and comfort in this elegant city. The locals are very friendly and they make sure that their guests enjoy their trip to the fullest.

City for Cat Lovers

People of Istanbul have a special place in their heart for the cats and that can be seen in any nook and corner of the city. Very often, while passing through the lanes and streets, one can see an inhabitant giving food and water to the stray cats, and sometimes even a pillow for their comfortable sleep!

Land of Centuries of History

Every attraction, every street, every market of Istanbul is not just a piece of land, but a part to the wealth of history buried in the sands of time. Istanbul is well-known for being the capital of 4 empires in its lifetime. Also the sacred Hagia Sofia is a Christian church later on transformed into a Mosque thus being a place of worship for two religions.


Like the borders meet, so does the cuisine of Istanbul. A traditional Turkish platter of Istanbul consists of flavors comprising of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Central and Western European flavors. Iskender Kabap is one of the prominent dishes in Istanbul.

Land of Emotions

Be it to strangers, guests or fellow citizens, Istanbul people know very well how to express their emotions. A center for modern learning, the city indeed teaches much about human virtues like compassion, brotherhood, honour and kindness; amidst a world where anarchy and terror are gaining common place.

Plan your 2 days in Istanbul and have a memorable time of your life.

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